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Over the years, as a member of the Virginia House of Delegates, I have had the opportunity to work on a lot of issues affecting our region. One of the issues that I am particularly proud to have been a leader on is passing legislation to crack down on human trafficking.

I’ve also had the opportunity to work with some great people as well. One of those is your very own Sheriff Bob Mosier.

Sheriff Mosier has made great progress in your county fighting crime and building awareness to combat the scourge of sex trafficking in our region. It is a horrendous criminal activity in our country, and Fauquier is not immune. You may read very little about it, but your Sheriff is at the forefront of our region in the proactive investigation of those involved in human trafficking.

With that in mind, I am proud to endorse Sheriff Bob Mosier for the Republican primary to be held on June 11.

As I am sure you know, Sheriff Mosier brings extensive law enforcement expertise to the job. Not only has he been your Sheriff for over three years, but he has a background in criminal investigations, government interagency work, and experience as an international law enforcement advisor to the Department of State and Department of Defense as well.

Moreover, Sheriff Mosier has worked with the International Justice Mission (IJM) as Vice President of Investigations. In that capacity, he was a leader in combating commercial sex trafficking and bonded slavery by acting as an advisor to elected officials in foreign countries.

If you’re looking for a leader in law enforcement, you need look no further than Sheriff Bob Mosier. I encourage you to vote in the June 11th primary, and I am proud to endorse Sheriff Bob Mosier for re-election.

Delegate Tim Hugo,

40th District


I’m 88 years old and have lived in Fauquier County all of my life. As a business owner since 1966 when I opened my hardware store, followed later with my furniture business where I still work daily, I have known many of our sheriffs. And as a former county supervisor, I have worked closely with some. Unequivocally, Bob Mosier has been the best sheriff of Fauquier County I have seen in my lifetime, and has accomplished more in three years than some sheriffs have in over 20.

Some say that being a successful sheriff requires the backing of a strong political party. It’s not about politics. If you’ve got a good sheriff, you know it; don’t mix it up with political stuff. 

Being a successful sheriff requires strong leadership, a powerful outreach effort that connects with all of the people, and community presence. Sheriff Mosier is all of those things. 

He has reorganized a sheriff’s office that is streamlined, well-trained in new investigative techniques and is confronting crime, especially drug crime with impressive results … you’ve read about the impressive drug busting and arrests statistics in Fauquier in the past three years.   

And you also have witnessed Sheriff Mosier’s outreach and community presence. 

He is seemingly everywhere, and my friends and customers have noticed. He gets around to see the people… that is very important. He frequently hosts town hall meetings throughout the county. 

You see him at other community events, VFW and American Legion functions (I’m a member of both, so I know), churches (both black and white), First Fridays where he walks and talks with locals, holiday parades, our schools. (Have you read about his hosting a student lunch outreach?) He restarted the Sheriff’s Office Law Enforcement Explorer Program, missing for many years in Fauquier County – an outreach effort that helps develop character, leadership and life skills in young men and women.

Sheriff Mosier’s opponent dismisses his presence as just seeking face time with the community. You’re darn right he does! He’s connecting with the people face-to-face, asking questions about their concerns, answering questions about crime prevention, safety, how critical trends affect their lives. He doesn’t sit behind his office desk all day … he wants to be visible and he does connect. He’s down to earth and approachable. People are comfortable walking up to him.  I’ve never seen a sheriff in our county so willing to engage its citizens.

He’s increased the number of deputy positions in the Sheriff’s Office, increased deputy base salaries, increased patrols, and doubled the number of speeding ticket citations.

His opponent was quoted as saying, “the Fauquier County Sheriff’s Office has needlessly increased the amount of speeding and traffic tickets …” I don’t get that one. If you can slow down the speeders, you reduce accidents and fatalities that are on the rise regionally. That’s just common sense.  And by the way, drug traffickers are often connected with speeding. So, you get a bonus that is helping to increase drug arrests. It’s all good.

I stated that Bob Mosier has done much in his first three years. He got our sheriff’s office accredited in his first effort. His opponent said to Fauquier Times last August, “It’s not worth it. You don’t get anything for it… it’s nothing.” I think Bob’s opponent needs to do a little more research on what accreditation does for law enforcement. It’s a big deal.

There’s an old expression, “You don’t change horses in mid-stream.” We’ve got a great sheriff with a very impressive list of accomplishments. Let’s not change sheriffs now. The winner of this primary will face no opposition in the November election.  So please, it’s important that you join me at the primary on June 11 and re-elect Bob Mosier as our sheriff. 

Jim Rankin



"Sheriff Robert (Bob) Mosier has been a true leader in the law enforcement community. Through his direct leadership the Drug Enforcement Administration has committed valuable resources to Fauquier and surrounding counties to combat the opioid crisis. Sheriff Mosier is a true professional and has built coalitions within the community to leverage his capacity to receive valuable federal resources in the development of an effective anti-drug strategy."

 Karl C. Colder
Special Agent in Charge (ret.)
Washington Division
US Drug Enforcement Administration

 BIO: http://www.hidta.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/WDO-SAC-Karl-Colder-Bio-Jan-2017.docx

I’ve known Bob Mosier for more than 25 years starting when I first met him when he served as a deputy sheriff with then Sheriff Ashby Olinger and now as Sheriff. Bob is someone that can be trusted to fulfill his promises. As an example, the Sheriff’s Office achieved Law enforcement Accreditation for the first time in 2018 noting that a low crime rate and public safety are essential to economic development and the success of local business.

 We need to re-elect Bob as Sheriff because he understands the needs of the community and delivers!

R Carl Faller 
Bealeton, VA

"I wholeheartedly endorse Bob Mosier to continue serving us as Sheriff of Fauquier County.  I have worked with him on inspiring and recognizing courage and excellence in our Sheriff’s Office and have been most impressed with his devotion, knowledge, enthusiasm and attention to detail. 

We are fortunate to have a man of his expertise, experience, integrity and sense of honor and it would be a tragedy not to return him to office!"

Randall L West
Major General USMC (ret.)
Hume, VA.
Robison International, Inc.


With being a business owner in this town for over 50 years. I have never known of a Sheriff that has been more involved with our community than Bob Mosier has been. 

He goes to lunch with the kids at school to gathering up cows on the street.  I have nothing but respect for him and the job he does for our community and the people of the community.

I recommend him highly for re-election as our sheriff.

James A. Rankin Sr.
Rankin’s Furniture
Warrenton, VA.

 "Mosier's deep wisdom, trustworthy leadership and selfless humility have led him to devote his life to public service, serving as a police professional for more than 30 years. His roots, of course, are right here in Fauquier County and I am grateful to see him offer all of his skills, experience and hard work to support the citizens of his own home county once again."

"Having put my own life in Mosier's hands many times, it is without reservation that I declare my support of Mosier in his run for the office of sheriff."

Gary A. Haugen, President and CEO, International Justice Mission

"I learned a lot about Bob working with him in Iraq. We faced an enormous and frustrating challenge. Bob remained calm, patient, and focused on the mission and the goals we were attempting to achieve....Bob Mosier would make an excellent Sheriff."

Colonel Audie E. Holloway, Former Director of Alaska State Troopers (retired) 

"Bob Mosier embodies all the ideals found in Duty, Honor, and Country and will no doubt excel as Sheriff of Fauquier County.  He is a magnificent manager whose selfless service to his country and community coupled with his natural leadership traits truly identify him as one of the most exceptional leaders I have known in over 35 years of public and private service."

-David A. Smith, Colonel, Retired

"...In my 25 years of service to Fauquier County I was always told that change is good, and I truly believe that it is. Bobs commitment to professionalism and honor will go a long way in improving the standards for the men and women of the Fauquier County Sheriff’s Office."

-Michael Remington, Lieutenant Retired FCSO

"I have never met an individual with a greater sense of dedication to serving others or an individual possessing more personal character than he does. Bob is the personification of the selfless public servant"

-Kenneth J. O'Rourke, Captain, JAGC

USN (RET.) Former leader of Task Force 134 Legal, Baghdad, Iraq

"...Not one to rest on his proven reputation, Bob has continued to enhance his professional knowledge and experience. The contacts he has forged with compatible security oriented local, state, and federal agencies are invaluable. Above all I admire his devotion to his family, home town, and the United States; i.e. the people who form these entities. It is with respect and concern for the citizens of Fauquier that I endorse Robert P. Mosier to serve as your Sheriff. I know that he will do the very best he can for all of you."

-Laurence R. Brakowiecki

"This man is good, honest, humble, trustworthy, and professional. Bob is ready to be our voice and serve this great county. It is evident from his vision of implementing new technology to the sheriff's office, earning accreditation, reinstituting the youth mentorship and drug awareness programs, and other community involved programs..."

-John Andrews, Fauquier County resident and local business owner

"He is truly the consummate professional who knows his business and understands people. I highly recommend Bob Mosier as the next Sheriff for Fauquier County. He will continue to exemplify all that is praiseworthy in a professional officer of the law in service to the community."

Brigadier General (Ret) David L. Grange, President/CEO Osprey Global Solutions, Former Commander, Task Force 1-41 Infantry, Bosnia

"Bob Mosier cares about our children, he cares about our familites, and he will work hard to bring our community together with the safety of us all being a top priority...man of integrity, a devoted husband and father...he has a faith that is solid, giving him an enormous capacity to love others and a devotion to serving others."

- Marilyn May, former Warrenton resident

“As a retired USAF fighter pilot with extensive operational combat command experience, I have a deep appreciation for the significance such experiences bring to operational credibility. No class room, and certainly no office experience can ever match the level of authority and gravitas that operational experience can bring. Fauquier County is blessed to have a man, as experienced as Bob Mosier, run for the Office of Sheriff. Bob has an entire portfolio full of operational and command experience, both here in Fauquier County and in some of the most dangerous assignments in the World. Whether rescuing helpless children from the clutches of violent sex and human trafficking across South America, Africa, and Asia, commanding tasks forces in dangerous places like Bosnia and Hercegovina, advising Iraqi’s Defense Department on tactics and procedures to identify and stop terrorism, or serving in a wide range of Special Operations positions in the Fauquier County Sheriff Department, Bob has consistently demonstrated a high capacity for leadership and excellence. Bob’s clear ideas to bring the Sheriff Department into the 21st century are fresh and will be a welcomed by the citizenry of Fauquier, bringing much needed elevation in accountability, standards, visibility, and effective stewardship of our tax dollars. His leadership and commitment will make this a better and safer place to live and to raise our families. He has my complete confidence and endorsement.”

-Gary West, Colonel, USAF, Ret

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