Volunteer Capacity

Volunteer Capacity - Community Service

Gone are the days where the Sheriff would swear in a Posse to go and track down the Outlaw, or are they? Fauquier County serves as the home for a number of active and retired law enforcement personnel that have expressed a willingness to volunteer and serve the community where they live. This offer of volunteerism also extends beyond those with a law enforcement background to include those that served in our nation’s military and corporate America.

As Sheriff your Sheriff’s Office Executive Leadership Team will focus on areas with volunteers that will be part of the program to assist with the functions not reserved for sworn law enforcement personnel. Honing in on programs for the development of our youth that are interested in a career in law enforcement.

There are citizens that are willing to donate resources to something that they deem important as Bob found out as your Commander of the Sheriff’s Emergency Response Team (SERT), in one weekend the team raised enough funding to completely replace seven life-saving tactical vests (body armor) for the team of 15 people.

This aspect of volunteerism also extends to the well-known “Shop with a Cop” event where former Captain Fred Pieff credited with the making the event a reality (also noting Bob’s devotion to insure the success of early and future events).

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