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Technology is changing the way law enforcement agencies operate and what is requested from a budgetary standpoint. Technologies available today are common knowledge and available for review by law enforcement professionals.

It is essential for our Sheriff's Office Executive Leadership to stay current with ongoing technological developments. The Sheriff’s Office need not only to be cognizant of developing technology but also to have a working knowledge of what this technology can do for the Citizens of Fauquier County.

The facts to consider when leasing or purchasing technology include:


We intend to implement and Online Reporting System that will generate an incredible savings in the first year and beyond. This use of technology will allow for the better reallocation of resources to proactively fight crime trends and better meet the needs of the community.

Agencies using online reporting have reported taking in anywhere from 10 to 30% of all reports without dispatching a law enforcement officer. The system is designed to interface directly with Sheriff’s Office current records management system and is a browser-based software system accessible by citizens and Sheriff’s Office personnel on any Internet-enabled PC or mobile device 24/7.

These are a few examples of law enforcement agencies with similar size communities that have benefited from the cost savings. The Online reporting system will pay for itself in less than six months.

1. Des Moines Police Department, Iowa / In 2014 the estimated savings amounted to $34,560.00

2. Renton Police Department, Washington / In 2014 the estimated savings amounted to $68,720.00

3. Tracy Police Department, California / In 2014 the estimated savings amounted to $30,375.00

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