Thank You

I wanted to thank everyone that came out and voted in this very important election. It is because of your continued belief and support in this great republic we are able to change our elected leadership in a way that demonstrates a reverence for our way of life.

It has been 12 years since Charlie Ray was first elected Sheriff but it goes deeper than that. I worked with our Sheriff when he was an investigator and known as a "crime solving machine". This was in the late 80s and under the leadership of then Sheriff Ashby Olinger. Charlie Ray said that he was bit by the bug and ran for Sherriff, ultimately being elected in 2003.

I bring this up because it is with deepest respect that I honor the service that Charlie Ray has given to our community over these many years.

In the coming weeks we will undergo a transition in leadership, I like to think about it in terms of a "change in command". I believe based on the few conversations that we have had post-election that the focal point will be to make a smooth transition for the men and women serving in your Sheriff's Office ushering in a new day of service to our community.

To our Deputies:

I made the promise from the courthouse steps when I announced on President's Day that if you do your job, you will keep your job. I mention this only to reiterate my intention as Sheriff-Elect. There will be processes that we will undergo before January 1st that will line up with the 100 day plan and there should be nothing construed by this other than a drive toward law enforcement accreditation.

I would ask that you take this time to reflect how you might be able to better serve our community by sharing your constructive ideas with your colleagues and supervisory staff. We should anticipate open and candid communication moving forward.

To our Campaign Supporters & Volunteers:

Thank you for caring about better law enforcement for our community. We are grateful for the countless volunteer hours spend working through the many tasks necessary for an effective campaign.

For those that supported the campaign with their resources, you did so again for better law enforcement. This is something that everyone in Fauquier County will benefit from. The protection and preservation of our way of life.

I could not have engaged in this process had it not been for the support of my family. I want to thank my wife Cindy, she has been straight and stalwart throughout the campaign, and our children Ryan and his wife Jen, Katie and her husband Austin and Taylor a junior at Virginia Tech.

I would ask that everyone enjoy the season of Thanksgiving that is upon us with the celebration of Christmas next month.

Thank you and God Bless,

Bob Mosier


P.O. Box 3342

Warrenton, VA 20188

Phone: 1(844) VOTE-BOB / 1(844)868-3262 ext. 801

E-mail: bob@mosierforsheriff.com




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